Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Free Pizza

No joke, free pizza. Once a week Johnny D's closes its kitchen and orders out. The offer is good every Monday from 6:30 - 8pm but I suggest showing up on the earlier side. Trivia starts at 8:30 and the crowd trickles in around quarter of 8. This creates what we will call the pizza squeeze. The bar honors their offer and gives out pizza tickets when the pizza runs out, but waiting for the delivery boy (remember they order out) can be painful and unfulfilling as the crowd tackles only a few pizzas when they arrive.

So my advice:
Arrive around 7 with some good friends. Enjoy plentiful and free pizza. Discuss an array of intellectually hot topics (its good to spout out smart comments before trivia starts to even out the harsh truth that you probably won't answer any questions correctly later). Drink a few beers. By the time 8:30 rolls around you will be pleasantly full and have that slight buzz that will allow you to overcome any answer apprehension (you still won't get any right, but at least you will show confidence).

If this doesn't sounds like a good idea you could always swing by after a long day at work, eat pizza and drink PBR in a dark corner alone, slip out before the crowd arrives, and be home in time to catch the newest episode of whatever ridiculous reality show is on Monday nights. Whatever floats your boat.

>> Johnny D's

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