Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Soul Responsibility

It should be your soul responsibility to attend this event! Respond: New England's first domestic violence agency is hosting a night of dancing, funk and prizes.

Their organization strives to help women and their children create options for a safer life, free from domestic violence, and to further the efforts of the larger community to end domestic violence.
Koop will be starting off the evening with some funky grooves and DJ Raliegh Fingers, Selector70 and Tara Hubbard of Soul-Le-Lu-Jah , Stoodio53 and Soul Touch will be keeping the dance floor happening until they kick us out. And if that wasn't cool enough, LUPEC (Ladies United for Protection of Endangered Cocktails) will be creating custom bevies for the event.
Soul Responsibility
Friday 10/2
George Dilboy VFW
Summer St. (Davis Square)
$10 at the door.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Preventing Theft

Somerville Police, 311, and Somerville's website are teaming to prevent theft in the cit. How? A cool yellow sticker you get to place on your expensive electronics, AKA: WRAP.
Web based

The purpose of WRAP is to create a database of portable electronic devices: makes, models, serial numbers, and their owners’ details. The information collected helps identify stolen property and potentially to identify the perpetrators when stolen property is recovered by Police and pawnshops.
Signing up for WRAP requires a few steps. Registering your portable devices. Recommended: GPS, IPods, Notebooks, and Satellite Radio's. 2nd-protecting your stuff. Somerville Police have listed a few tips. Hopefully some residents are already aware of most of these helpful tips.
*Don’t store your portable electronics in the car
*If you must, secure them safely and out of sight.
*Keep windshield clear of suction cup rings that indicate the presence of electronic devices.
*Keep power cords out of sight.

Once you have registered your property, and something is stolen, file a police report immediately. You must then report your stolen property on juststolen.net
Police as well as citizens use this database to help recover stolen property.

>>WRAP Article on Somerville's website

Friday, October 26, 2007

ELLSBURY is awesome!

For those of you that are hidden under rocks, the Red Sox made the World Series. They played an amazing game Wednesday night and a pretty good game last night. No matter how you think about it-they won both! 2 to go. Why is Ellsbury on my mind you ask? Minus the fact that Rachel hearts Jacoby-he successfully stole 2nd base last night. That means (drum role) Free taco for all of America! Not any taco any day.
1 taco on Tuesday 10/30 between 2p-5p.
Myself, not a big fan of Taco Bell, but i will probably go get a taco-cuz i can! Now here is the question, someone steals a base tomorrow, does that add equaling two taco's? Or do they do free taco's again on Wednesday? or is it just null and void and only get one taco on Tuesday no matter how may bases are stolen? Answers?

"Witches' Night Before Halloween"

There will be an attempt to break a Guinness Record, and you and your kids can be part of it! McIntyre & Moore Booksellers presents author Lesley Bannatyne. She will be conducting a book launch, which includes an attempt at the record as well as the book signing. *Largest Gathering of Halloween Witches (Reciting Poetry)
Come to the signing dressed in a witches costume. Then all will parade to the center of Davis Square reading out loud. You do not need to purchase the book to participate.
"'Twas the night before Halloween and all through the cottages
The witches were stirring their brews and their potages.
Their cupboards were bursting with hop toads and newts
And they'd shined up their pointy-toed fancy dress boots."

In order for this feat to work, all participants must come to McIntyre and Moore at 7pm dressed in a Halloween witch costume (men, women and children welcome; imaginative variations encouraged) and sign their name on an official Guinness list. The group will process from McIntyre and Moore to the center of Davis Square and welcome in the Halloween season by reciting the text from "Witches Night Before Halloween." Notary Public Nancy Shafman and Edwin Smith, Esquire will officially verify the attempt. If the group sets the record, all involved will receive certificates. Other perks for participants: bragging rights, plus possible inclusion in the Guinness books and online sites. Bannatyne also plans to upload a video of the gathering onto YouTube.

Lesley Bannatyne
McIntyre & Moore Booksellers
255 Elm St. (Davis Square)
Saturday 10/26

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Barack Obama in Boston-TODAY!

That's it. Title says it all. Barack Obama will be having a rally in Boston. On the Common. On the corner of Tremont and Boylston. I heard Governor Patrick will be joining him.

Boston Common
TODAY! 10/23
Gates open at 5:30pm

Instant RSVP

New West Somerville Paper - The Powderhouse

There is a new local newspaper on the streets of west Somerville this week, The Powderhouse. The paper is published by the same group that does The Alewife and also has an online version. Mike's in Davis is the newspapers first feature, not a bad start.

>> The Powderhouse

Monday, October 22, 2007

Free Wi-Fi in Harvard Square

I love the internet. I might even love the internet more than beer. Anyhow, word on the street is the that free wi-fi will be available in Harvard Square starting Nov 1st. A little late in the season for enjoying sitting in the park and getting some work done, but still a fantastic enhancement to the square.

>> Digital age advances in Harvard Square

I knew they could do it!

It is a very slow week of events here in Camberville. I mean with good reason, who wants to plan an event knowing everyone will be elsewhere watching the game. So, to keep ya'll entertained I have decided to give you a brief list of places I would enjoy watching the game.

Your House:
Probably your safest bet. We love our red sox, and people show it in weird ways sometimes. Plus, it is also probably the cheapest. Pick up some snacks, get some Sam Adams. Obviously. Then invite a few friends. Hopefully you have a nice TV.

R. F. O'Sullivans
282 Beacon St.
Some of you may remember the review I wrote forever and a day ago. If not, here it is.

2046 Mass Ave.
Usually pretty crowded. May have to get there a little early to get a seat, but loving the atmosphere! Also, they have stellar chicken fingers, blue cheese, and french fries. I'm sure the rest of their food is good, but i don't know if you noticed, but i like to stick to the fried stuff.

820 Somerville Ave.
This is probably the second safest place to go. I feel like you will have a good mix of non baseball fans here as well. They have a lot of TV's now, but some of the are hidden in the bar. It is odd. I do want to recommend the Frozen Mango Mojito. Oh my goodness, so tasty!

Joe Sent Me
2388 Mass Ave.
A little further away from the T, but definitely worth it. Delicious burgers, although not comparable to R.F.O'Sullivan's. But they have a black and Blue burger that is delicious. Good amount of TV's in the bar area, and you can see them from MOST of the tables.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is right around the corner. Some festivities have already happened. I am not sure what I am doing for Halloween yet, not really a fan of this holiday. It requires being creative, or willing to spend $60 on a pre-made costume. I am into neither of those things. So, it is a struggle every year. But for those of you that heart the scary freaky day, here are a few ideas for Cambridge/Somerville.

Halloween Stroll
10/28 2:00p
If they are anything like my nieces they will be w
earing their costumes the second they wake up. This gives them a chance to show it off. For all ages, so your 25 year old sister that also sleeps in her costume is welcome as well!
A costume Parade leaves Davis Square's Statue Park and follows the minuteman trail to Lexington Avenue Park. There will be food and games at the end.

Monster Mash
10/29 8:00p

This event is a little more adult. A benefit for the Somerville Arts Council. A Tribute to Bobby Pickett. There will be music, inimitable indie hip-hop trio Z.W.A. (Zombies with Attitude) as well as tunes spun by DJ BC. A costume contest will be judged by Halloween author Lesley Bannatyne, Vintage/Union Boot-rix Elizabeth Lafavour, and SCUL-rider/artist Skunk. Horror movies will be projected throughout the night, food donated by Kickass cupcakes, and of course candy!
P.A's Lounge
345 Somerville Ave.
SAC Monster Mash
Remember SCUL?

Tomes of Terror II-Live Halloween Radio Plays
10/29-10/31 7:30p

Local actors making live sound effects with everyday objects. This even is hosted by a creepy character called "the Librarian." This year's Halloween 'Staged-Radio Thrillogy' will feature:
"Carmilla" -- the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula
"Halloween Party" -- From the classic comedy series Our Miss Brooks
"The Stone Ship" - based on William Hope Hodgson's eerie 1914 sea-bound thriller
First Congregational Church
89 College Ave.

Davis Square.

Halloween Costume Ball

10/26 9:00p
Dykenight productions is hosting it's 9th annual Costume Ball at Toast. Includes dancing, costume contest (4 categories) free Tarot readings, and Jack-O-Lantern contest.
74 Union Square

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Re-opening of the parks!

Saturday October 20th, two Parks in Somerville will re-open! Mayor Joe Curtatone will host a small reception and park tour.
Free food and beverages will also be available.

Stone Place Park
Union Square
It contains hopscotch, play structures, and swings for younger children.

Perry Park
Washington St. (Between Dane and Leland St.)
It contains two separate play areas with play equipment for older and younger children, hopscotch, four square, a tennis court, a basketball court, and a passive recreational area with walkways, grass, and trees.

>>List of Somerville Parks

Monday, October 15, 2007

Somerville streets

Watch out Somerville drivers. City is cracking down on some rules they were a little lenient on before. Specifically parking to close to the corner. Below you will find an intriguing article, which also includes a full list of intersections they are proposing to deal with. As a Somerville resident, yes I am concerned, but also. Why this now? What about Forest St. On the line of Cambridge/Somerville?? That street is a two way, but blatantly only room for one. And due to the sharp corner, you never know what you are driving towards. I don't know how many times I have had to back out onto Beacon due to oncoming traffic. OR ever heard of alittle st. called Oxford? Due to there being two in Somerville, the city likes to forget about this one. Also right on the line of Cambridge, never has street sweeping and is littered with broken mirrors. If you don't have a mirror that folds in, you are taking a big risk. One time, the whole front of my car was smashed in, mirror and tire!
I see safety concerns for possible future struggles, but what about the present struggles. I feel like since I live on the border of Cambridge, I am in my own little city. Both Cambridge and Somerville refuse to even acknowledge me. Makes me a little sad.

>>Wicked Local

Stephen King is in town

What better author to arrive in Cambridge in October than Stephen King.
1. It's obvious, he writes very scary stories/novels, and October is a scary month.
2. The Sox are kickin' ass and Stephen King will probably be here anyway. I have seen Stephen King on TV this month more than (enter name of popular actor/actress in TV series.)
Oh wait-they are in Cleveland now. Scratch that.

STEPHEN KING, world-renowned author and guest editor of The Best American Short Stories 2007, will be joined by Series Editor Heidi Pitlor along with contributors Jim Shepard, Karen Russell, and Richard Russo to discuss King's picks of the best American short fiction for 2007. Scary good! Following the talk, Mr. King will sign copies of Best American Short Stories 2007. In order to ensure that as many people as possible get a book signed, Mr. King will only sign copies of Best American Short Stories 2007, limited to one per person.
Stephen King and Special Guests.
Tuesday October 16
Memorial Church
Harvard yard.

I believe this event is sold out. But if you have ever heard of a website named Craigslist...nothing is ever sold out.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spa Week

Spa Week in Boston and surrounding cities begins tomorrow! Several Spa's open there doors and offer signature services for as little as $50. October 15-October 21. Why not spoil yourself? No better time than the present!
Here is a limited list of participants. For a complete list, go to the Spa Week website.

Breathe Spa
37A Davis Square
Somerville, MA O2144
Available Treatments:
60 Min Pumpkin Latte Facial
75 Min Ice Cream Spa Manicure And Pedicure
60 Min Pumpkin Creme Body Wrap

A-Skin Care Salon
19 Mystic Street
Arlington, MA O2474
Available Treatments:
75 Min Decollete Facial
45 Min Eyebrow And Brazilian Bikini Non-Puritan Purity Waxing
Micro Glow Microdermabrasion

Maison Esthetique Christiane Bourque Spa
94 High Street
Danvers, MA O1923
Available Treatments:
50 Min A Passion For Pumpkin Peel
50 Min Vitamin Infusion Body Treatment

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Central Art

Central Square will be transformed this weekend for ArtsCentral:See Art in Everything.

During this weekend, ArtsCentral invites visitors to the Square to celebrate and enjoy its unique blend of art and commerce. Central Square’s favorite artists—artists of all kinds and from every corner of the Square—will take to the streets, drawing visitors to our neighborhood and enticing them into its businesses, shops, restaurants and organizations.
Event Buttons will get you into all the events as well as offer discounts to Central Square businesses. To purchase a button you must go to the CSBA office. (130 Bishop Allen Drive)
Button Prices:
$10 14 and up
$5 ages 10-13
Children under 10 are free.
Central Square
Friday 5:30p-Sunday 8:00p
**There is no rain date for ArtsCentral. There are several indoor locations that are reserved in case of bad weather.

>>Weekend Schedule
>>Map of Businesses
>>Artists in Businesses (Artists numbers corresponds to map)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beaded Fair

Interested in beads? I am not talking beads you used in the fifth grade to make friendship bracelets, or braid your BFF's hair. Artists from all over the country are gathering on Saturday to show off their beads, beaded jewelry, and supplies. Also The Women’s Craft Cooperative of Rosie’s Place will be present and showing/selling their work.
Admission is $6 Children under 12 are free. A portion of the admission proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Craft Cooperative of Rosie’s Place. Funds raised by the show are used to support the ongoing activities of the bead society, including school sponsorship for three Maasai girls as part of the Beads for Education program.

29th Annual Bead Affair
Armenian Cultural Center
47 Nichols Ave
Watertown, MA (Watertown Square)
Saturday 10/13
Admission: $6. Children 12 and under: free
Discount Coupon

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Burren Comedy

Ed Byrne is appearing at the Burren tomorrow night for a night full of laughter. Some of you may remember his buddy, Keith Farnan, from St. Patrick's Day.

Irish comic and Fringe Festival favorite Ed Byrne, said to be the biggest comic in Ireland, which means he should also be the biggest comic in Southie, Charlestown, Brighton and parts of Dorchester and Somerville, comes to Somerville to perform at the Burren. Byrne has appeared at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival six times, and at the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen. He has made five appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and is a regular guest on The Panel on RTE Television Ireland. Also appearing will be fellow Irishman Keith Farnan, back by popular demand after his St. Patrick's Day appearance a the Burren, and Brian Joyce, who is Boston Irish, but might soon turn into Ireland Irish with recent gigs at Kilkenny and Galway, in addition to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Off the Boat Comedy
The Burren
Wednesday October 10
Tickets: $25-$30

Project YUM

A festival of FOOD! Union Square plaza hosts the most amazing festivals! This upcoming weekend it is one of tasty treats. Experience locally grown veggies, as well as exotic foods.

Hankering for some kimchee with your curry? Craving chilis with your cheese puffs? Ever wanted to try chucchitos? Or bitter melon? At ArtsUnion's first ever food festival, you'll now have the chance to indulge and explore all your culinary desires.
Other reasons to attend?
*Ethnic food tastings from the Square's restaurants and markets
*How to heal through ayurveda, flower essences, plants and herbs
*Food themed music and art, as well as preservation techniques.
*3 local chefs face each other in an Iron Chef cook-off
*Dish! A giant interactive culinary map of the world
*Berwick Institute's potluck conversation table

Project YUM
Union Square Plaza Somerville
Saturday October 13

>>Somerville Arts Council

Monday, October 08, 2007

Tour de Somerville

Unless you are hard core and don't mind frost bit, prime bike riding season is coming to an end. So, next Saturday, bring out the bike for a little tour of Somerville.

This year's ride will explore the flat side of Somerville, avoiding all of the city's hills. We'll ride along the Community Path and its future extension, then take a level, low-traffic route through East Somerville to the Mystic River at Assembly Square. From there, we'll ride alongside the river into a bit of South Medford, then return through West Somerville back to our starting point.

The Tour begins at 10 am at Seven Hills Park, behind the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square. Our nine-mile ride will be leisurely-paced, easy for cyclists of all ages. We strongly encourage all riders to wear helmets.

Saturday, October 13 (rain date Sunday Oct 14)

>> Tour de Somerville

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Healthworks Open House

I live right up the street from Healthworks and would love to join, unfortunately it has crazy fees. I feel like the monthly fee is insane, and then add in fees for all the special things. Don't get me wrong, it definitely has its perks. Location, nice facility, women only, and did i mention location? Well here is your chance for you to decide if it is worth it. They are having a week long open house. Each day consists of classes/events focused around the daily theme.

Monday: General Fitness - Fitness Assessments & Orientations
Tuesday: Group Exercise
Wednesday: Focused Training - BURN/Quads/Gravity
Thursday: Spa Day
Friday: Nutrition/Cafe
Saturday: Foundation & Community Outreach
Sunday: Mind & Body

Join during this week and receive a $50 gift card as well. Restrictions apply of course. All participants must be at least 18 years of age and women.

Closest Healthworks:
Cambridge: Porter Square Shopping Center
Brookline: Commonwealth Ave.
Back Bay: Stuart St.
Chestnut Hill: 1300 Boylston St.
Salem: Highland Ave.

Monday October 8-Sunday October 14.

Friday, October 05, 2007


29th annual Oktoberfest in Harvard Square is this weekend. Several things are planned out for this 6 hour event. Mom bands, Honkfest, Concerts in several different locations, pumpkin patch, and a performance of Our Town to name a few.

ROCK, HONK, DANCE, PARADE, PEACE OUT, PICK A PUMPKIN and BRING YOUR MAMA to Oktoberfest for dancing in the streets and in the crosswalks throughout HARVARD SQUARE!
More? Of course! Grendal's Den toast and keg tapping, Uno's will serve pizza outside the restaurant, Z-square will have a special Oktoberfest menu! Sample music

Harvard Square(It's taking over!)
Sunday, October 7th

>>Oktoberfest Schedule
>>Photo's of Oktoberfest '06

Spare Change

Every morning as I rush down the escalator, I get a friendly hello and a wave from Harold, the Porter Square Spare Change newspaper man. In most cases, I ignore these vendors, but this guy is nice and I guess I could use a little education in what he is trying to sell, and maybe you should too.

>> Boston Behind the Scenes Podcast - Spare Change
>> Homeless Empowerment Project

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Holy Burrito

As if there isn't enough burrito places as it is, a new one is opening up in Harvard and Davis: Chipotle. Try all you want, but I doubt you will replace my beloved Anna's.

>> There’s a New Burrito on the Block

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Zombie Marathon

We have all seen them. They walk at night. Although a few months ago, they walked during the day down Mass Ave. Well now, you can see them for 12 hours straight!
Somerville Theatre is holding a Zombie Marathon.
Tickets are $24 in advance or $30 at the door.
The event will also include guests and contests. Movies include: Fido, I walked with a Zombie, 28 Weeks Later, and Shaun of the Dead.

Zombie Marathon
Somerville Theatre (Davis Square)
Saturday 10/6-Sunday 10/7
Ticketmaster for tickets, or get them at the door for $30.

>>Somerville Theatre

Monday, October 01, 2007


At Saccos Bowl Haven in Davis Square. This is to assist in raising money for the Center for Cancer Support and Education.

Money donated will help support their Wellness Program, which is a one-on-one series of sessions for cancer patients, their family, and caregivers, to try a variety of wellness exercises such as guided meditation, art and music therapy, reiki, journaling, life coaching and dialogue, and creating their own "pathway to wellness" depending on what the individual needs. The Center also offers free support groups.
Teams are 5 people. Or you can call the center to be paired up with a team. The center encourages everyone to raise appx. $100-$200. Each team will be paired with a corporate sponsor that will match all donations. You can find your own, or call the Center for one.
Teams are encouraged to dress up! This is a costume bowl-a-thon! You should be creative and be thinking about your sponsor.
Free food! Redbones, JP Licks, as well as Dial a Pizza have all donated dinner. Registration fee and shoe rentals are covered by the Center. There will also be prizes and DJ's. Yes DJ's plural.

Bowl-a-thon. (I repeat COSTUME BOWL-A-THON!)
Tuesday, October 2. (TOMORROW)

>>Center for Cancer