Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Best Burger in town! (No really!!)

For most Somerville residents, I know you can back me up on this-R.F. O'Sullivans burgers are FANTASTIC! They have actually won awards! Each burger has 1/2 pound ground beef, and topped with a variety of items of your choice. There are over 25 different pre-selected burgers. If those don't tickle your fancy-the cooks will pretty much add anything you request.
My personal favorite is the Blackjack. A burger slowly cooked with cajun spices and then topped with a chipotle mayonnaise. Al burgers come with thick steak fries, but you can opt out and switch them for a large portion of onion rings.

If you just want to hang out, and not in the mood for food, this is also a good choice. They have 4 large TVs and almost always have sports events on. They also have a jukebox for those nights where there is just nothing on. A plethora of beers in the bottle, and a nice selection on tap as well.

One downfall-it can get pretty crowded. They have a very simple layout. A U-shaped bar in the middle, and tables nestled snugly along the wall for 2-6 people each. Obviously I am not the only one who is a huge fan, because getting a table can be tough. BUT, on the plus side, you can get to it from the T. It is a little lengthy of a walk, but definitely doable. Plus if you can't get a seat at the bar, and/or prefer a table, the waitstaff have always been quick and friendly!

282 Beacon St.
Somerville MA, 02143
Hours: 11am-1am.



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