Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome Home Opening

Not exactly the warm and fuzzy version of home but, this looks interesting. A mixed media show by Meghan Bernal, opening this Saturday, January 5th and running until Jan 27th.

"Welcome Home" brings an artist to a place where she feels mentally and physically comfortable and at peace. Ironically, to most it is a cold and uninviting state of ruins. Over the span of 3 years, she has taken full advantage of this particular location's hospitality. Using a variety of mixed media, she attempts to convey her connection with certain aspects of a place that was left to fall apart and be forgotten. With words, objects and images, she chooses to rebuild and remember.
Saturday, January 5 (opening)

Saturdays 12 -4
January 5 - 27

"Welcome Home" by Meghan Bernal
Washington Street Art Center Gallery Committee
321 Washington Street
(617) 623-5315

>> Washington Street Art Center

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