Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Free Ice Cream in Davis - TONIGHT

I wrote about the RCN free ice cream truck a few weeks ago, but here I go again. Word is the truck will be in Davis Square tonight from 5-7. Since I owe someone an ice cream I might be heading that way.

RCN free Ice Cream
Davis Square T stop
Tuesday, July 31
5 - 7 pm

>> Free Ice Cream Today

Calling all Somerville Artists!

Davis Square is next on the list for renovations. Included in this new look will be an installment of community art throughout the station. When walking through the Davis station, i notice all the art and think-anyone I know? Of course not! The current panels were placed in 1984 when the station was first built. Some of the art panels will be replaced, but the structural art and children's panels will remain intact.

A number of the existing panels will be replaced with 4’x 4’ art panels that reflect the vibrancy of the City of Somerville, Tufts University, and the linkages that join them. The Somerville Arts Council has released a Call to Artists with specific parameters relevant to the scope, size, and materials required for the 4’x 4’ panels. A jury comprised of representatives from Tufts University, the MBTA, and Somerville will review all submissions and will recommend approximately nine for display within the T station.
All artists who live or work in Somerville are encouraged to contribute. To participate, submit a photo, sketch, painting, or image for consideration. Submissions are due to the Arts Council by September 14 2007. Contact Gregory Jenkins of the Somerville Arts Council at (617) 625-6600, ext.2985

Monday, July 30, 2007

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Contestants get to compete by re-enacting their favorite Patrick Swayze moment and go for the prize!

Also shown will be Doug Harry's spoof "The Real World: Capes." It comically answers the question: what would happen if you put 7 superheroes together and taped their lives?
There will also feature stand up comedy of Don Diego, Josh Gondleman, Dan Hirshon, and Katie McCarthy.

Middle East
Central Square
July 31

>>Anderson Comedy

Friday, July 27, 2007


Smell your way through a movie? Crazy talk!

The film will screen at 8.30pm, with subtitles in Spanish. Show up at 7pm and explore the Carnival of the Nose tables, featuring interactive games and exhibits that probe the functions and meanings of smell, our most powerful sense memory.
Sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council.

Film: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
July 28th.
Union Square


Greenhouse Replacement

Word is that there is an agreement underway for a new resturant to move into the old Greenhouse spot in Harvard Square. The name is yet to be released but they say the new place will have a bathroom, another place to pee is always good news. Lets just hope its not another chain..

>> New restaurant to open at former Harvard Square cafe

Thursday, July 26, 2007

This isn't Rocket Science

Free preview screening of Sundance 2007 award winner Rocket Science tonight at Somerville Theatre hosted by Boston Independent Film Festival .

Plot overview from IMDB

Hal Heffner (Reece Thompson) is just an ordinary , no frills high-school kid who happens to have a severe stutter. He has a some-what broken home life, living with his older, bullying, thief of a brother, Earl (Vincent Piazza). Their parents don't get along so well... Hal has a difficult time dealing with his stutter in school as well as general daily life. He is especially shy. Well... Hal is approached by the school Debate Team Star, Ginny Ryerson (Anna Kendrick) and she entices Hal into joining the Plainsboro High Debate Team. Hal develops a fondness for Ginny and desperately attempts to be closer with her. Hilarity Ensues...
Interested, visit Boston Independent Film Festival and pint passes.

Tonight, Thursday July 26
Somerville Theatre
Davis Square, Somerville

>> Rocket Science on IMDB
>> Rocket Science trailer
>> Free Preview Screening: Rocket Science

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Camberville Farmers Markets

The Boston Weekly Yelp had a great write up of Farmers Markets in the area.

Some Cambridge / Somerville picks:

Central Square (Mon 11:30 to 6pm)
Parking lot at Bishop Allen and Columbia
Cambridge, MA

Davis Square (Wed from noon 'til dark)
Day Street & Herbert Street
Somerville, MA

Kendall Square (Thurs from 11am to 2pm)
300 Athenaeum St
Cambridge, MA

Union Square (Sat from 9am to 1pm)
70 Union Sq
Somerville, MA

Cambridgeport (Sat from 10am to 2pm)
Morse School Parking Lot
Magazine St & Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If you missed ArtBeat...

If you missed ArtBeat like I did, here are some videos that will make you feel like you were there, or so I think, how would I know, like I said I wasn't there. Were you?

>> Knitting around a tree
>> Cage Interview
>> Vendors
>> Boston Typewriter Orchestra
>> ArtBeast, night one

Similar to a drive in...

Same concept, watching a movie outside. Although no car necessary.
Somerville Movie fest. This week's movie "Babe" to be held at Conway Park. Also known as SomerMovie fest.

Every Thursday night at dusk, beginning on July 5th, join fellow Somerville residents for the annual, summer-long “movie in the park” festival. Each week, different Hollywood movies will be shown at parks throughout the City – including Seven Hills Park in Davis Square, Conway Park on Somerville Ave., and Prospect Hill Park in Union Square.
Click here for full Summer Schedule.
The fun part is, some are meant for kids some are not. Next week's movie for those of you that are too lazy to check out the schedule is Rent. Seven Hills Park in Davis Square.
Movies may be cancelled in the event of rain. Somerville residents dial 311. Other interested non-somerville residents could visit City of Somerville and click on the “Summertime in Somerville” logo.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

You know it is going to end when a movie comes out. This could go either way. But with a plot like this?!

When Homer Simpson accidentally pollutes the river with toxic waste from the
nuclear power plant, he gets fired from his job, and everyone has to
evacuate Springfield, possibly forever!
You also know everyone in the world loves the Simpsons. So where are you going to go to see
it? Opens July 27th. Next Friday. Here are some ideas.

Somerville Theatre. (Davis Square)
They sell beer and wine during all shows (except for midnight viewing) They should just win? c'mon. Mmmmmm beer. Just imagine the drool. Tickets
Showtimes: Friday July 27th & Saturday July 28th
1:15 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:45 pm, 8:00 pm, 10:15 pm, 12:15 am.
$7 for evening/weekend tickets.

Fandango has all the other options Somerville and Cambridge has to offer. Unfortunately for you, they aren't scheduled yet, so you have to do the leg work of finding showtimes elsewhere.

All the more reason Somerville Theatre is the place to be.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Taste of Cambridge

Any reason you missed the Taste of Cambridge, but wish you hadn't. The rain, forgot to get tickets, or just a prior commitment? No worries! The rain set it back a week. Tickets are still available.

Check out this weeks post for more info!
All the same stuff-just a different date.
Thursday July 26.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Davis Square ArtBeat

Once a year mid-summer Davis Square is transformed, thanks to the Somerville Arts Council. This year's theme, ArtBeast. Beginning with a Beastly Parade Workshop Friday night, this event will go through Saturday evening. Performers, vendors, and talents of all kinds.
Check out the schedule.
Stage area's include: Seven Hills Park, Elm St. Statue Park, and many more.

ArtBeat includes music, performance art, craft vendors, dance, theater, food,
and a whole more. Each year we develop a theme that serves as a launching point
for artists and the community to express themselves. Take a look at our previous festivals.

Friday July20, and Saturday July21. Events happening throughout the day.
Davis Square

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shop til you drop

Some of you may remember Davis Square Midnight Madness. Yes? No? Either way it is back! Shopping in Davis Square starting at 5pm with specials in participating stores.

Shoppers will enjoy discounts at participating stores and tasty treats courtesy of area restaurants. Partial proceeds benefit Solutions at Work, a non-profit organization that provides programs that help the homeless transition back into the “mainstream” working world. The evening is being organized in collaboration with the Davis Area Resident Business Initiative (DARBI).

Participating Stores:
  • Black & Blues — Men’s and women’s clothing, 89 Holland St.
  • Cameras Inc. — Cameras and supplies, 267 Elm St.
  • Chinook — Outdoor clothing and gear, 93 Holland St.
  • Cibeline — Designer clothing and accessories, 85 Holland St.
  • Magpie — Hip local crafts, 378A Highland St.
  • Poor Little Rich Girl — Designer consignment, 255 Elm St.
  • Rockin Bob’s Guitar — Music store, 37 Holland St.
  • And many more.
Davis Square

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Taste of Cambridge

Anyone who knows Rachel and I know how much we love to eat! So this event is a huge deal! The Taste of Cambridge is being hosted July 19th. Restaurants from all over Cambridge are gathering in Technology Square so everyone can get a bite!

The Taste of Cambridge is a celebration of the diverse restaurant scene in Cambridge. With cuisine from America to Japan to Brazil to France and everything in between, Cambridge is a melting pot- a tasty one to be sure- of culture and cuisine. This event features creative and abundant samples of food, beer and wine from the wonderful restaurants found around the city, enhanced by a beautiful outdoor setting, live music and a great crowd.

Tickets are $50 if you purchase them in advance. $60 at the door. VIP Tickets can be purchased online for $75. They will also be sold at the door for $75. The difference in price?
VIP: Let into event 30minutes early and unlimited beverages and trips to all restaurants.
General: Open at 5:30, Punch card for each restaurant and tickets for 4 beverages.
I know what you're thinking. This is a lot of money for two hours. Did you know the tickets are tax deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to 4 deserving charities.
*Cambridge Prevention Coalition
*Cambridge safeRIDE Program
*Cambridge Collaborative
*North Charles Inc.

Thursday July 19th
Technology Square
Rain Date: July26.

>>Taste of Cambridge

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bastards Comedy

Funny stuff midweek!

Sprung from the loins of creativity and bad attitude, Bastards Inc. first took the stage in late summer of '06. The house team consists of six members performing weekly. Joining in the fun are other acts from the Boston area and beyond to round out a brilliant comedy set every week.
The Cantab
738 Mass Ave. (Central Sq.)
Thursday's. $3

>>Bastards Inc.
>>Meet the Bastards

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kids Eat Free!

Somerville Public Schools announces its participation in the US Dept. of Agriculture Summer Food Program for kids. The wonderful children of Somerville can eat breakfast/lunch at the park or pool they are hangin out at for free. Children includes everyone under the age of 18. Available through August 24th.

List of Parks:

  • Trum Field — Starting Monday, July 2, lunch will be served from 11:25 to 11:40 a.m.
  • Kidstop at Powder House Park — Starting Monday, July 9, breakfast will be served from 9:45 to 10 a.m.
  • Sen. Corbett Park — Starting Monday, July 2, lunch will be served from 10:25 to 10:40 a.m.
  • Latta Brothers MDC Pool at Foss Park — Lunch is being served from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m.
  • Perkins Playground — Lunch is being served from 1:35 to 1:55 p.m.
  • Dilboy MDC Pool — Lunch is being served from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Lexington Avenue Playground — Lunch is being served from 10:40 to 10:55 a.m.
  • Mystic Housing and Playground — Lunch is being served from 11:55 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.
>>Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Friday, July 13, 2007

Free Ice Cream!

How can you not like someone that gives you free ice cream?

Starting June 28, RCN’s ice cream truck will be making rounds in neighborhoods where RCN provides internet/cable/phone services.

RCN’s free ice cream truck will travel neighborhood streets between 5 - 7 pm every weekday and 1 - 3 pm every Saturday, handing out free ice cream to residents and providing them with information describing RCN’s signature services.

>> Free Ice Cream

Tour De France Breakfast

Nothing like a sweet ride ending with a tasty breakfast. I say that like I ride a bike often. I don't even own a bike anymore. I want to though, and will soon, it is just not something happening right this second. Anywho, you do it :)
Ride your bike to Davis Square Redbones, they have valet parking for bikes. Or you can walk in. The cost is $7 and they set up a tv outside. Sit back, relax and enjoy the mountain stage of the tour. (Stage 9)

Each day of the tour is considered a separate race or stage; the 20 stages are of varying degrees of difficulty as the route travels 3,550 kilometers from July 7 to July 20. Redbones breakfasts are scheduled during two of the six mountain stages — the most challenging for competitors and the most exciting for viewers. Local cyclists are encouraged to put together a group or ride in alone, stay for breakfast and the broadcast, and then ride away inspired by the competition.
Redbones will be serving breakfast at 9am. Including: fruit, sausage, coffee, yogurt, scrambled eggs and more!

55 Chester St.
Davis Square
Tuesday July17 AND Wednesday July 25.

Monday, July 09, 2007

7.11 - Free Slurpee Day!!!

Help yourself to an ice cold delicious free slurpee, yippee!

7.11 is free slupree day at, you guessed it, 7-11!!!

Camberville 7-11 locations:

600 Technology Square, Cambridge
40 JFK, Cambridge
750 Mass Ave, Cambridge
589 Mass Ave, Cambridge
275 Prospect st, Cambridge
582 Broadway, Somerville

Friday, July 06, 2007

M Salon

I recently decided I would like to get all my hair cut off, not shaved or anything that crazy, but something different. I have never had short hair above my shoulders and I wanted something new. I have heard rave reviews about M Salon. I am not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by their unique decorating. Were they going to be snobs, and look down on me?

When we first opened M in 2001, we wanted a vibrant, inspiring space that would reflect the artistry of the stylists who worked within the salon, and our colorful, art-filled space reflects just that: the lively imagination of our stylists and the inventive and friendly spirit of the salon as a whole.

I was looking for a salon, but hadn't found one I liked, so the last time I got my bangs trimmed, I went to Great Cuts, they cut them almost off. I was horrified for months! I needed a professional to try to even them out, and hopefully make them look like what i call trendy bangs again.

Enough with my depressing story: So I made an appointment, and went in. Maggie the owner greeted me when I entered and complimented my outfit. Dana, my stylist asked me what i wanted and i listed a few opinions: I want it short, but i hate short bangs. He looked at me, pulled my hair a little and said i have an idea! He then talked to me about it and i was in love. I have so much hair in the back that i could make a blanket for my family. Dana cut off all my hair picked up what used to be my layered back and said "feel this, it's heavy!" I did and then shuddered a little as I held my own hair in my hand.
Dana was very friendly, we chatted. Which at times I don't really like. Sometimes it is nice to just sit there and have someone play with your hair, but this was pleasant. Not forced. Comfortable silences as well. Like we were old friends. Not really, but it was still nice. Rumor has it they have dogs usually, and I was very excited to pet them, but there were no dogs.

The one downfall. Unless you have previously been, this will probably be news. They can't add tip to your credit card. I had no cash on me. I was thrown back at that. They tell you as they ring you up. You have to go get money and go back in that circumstance. Unusual.

Anywho-I love my hair. It is cute, and usually when i get my hair done, it is practically impossible to get it to look like the day it was cut. It will look good that first day, and then never again. Not with this cut. I can recreate it everyday if I like! It is low maintenance and adorable! I highly recommend M Salon!


>>M Salon
1748 Mass Ave. (Between Porter and Harvard)
Cambridge Ma

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Life is good

Life is good festival is being held at Fenway this year. I know this is not Camberville events, but sometimes things are just worth crossing the river for. I am pretty sure this is one of them. The list of entertainment seems endless! Things such as: Dugout Photos, Seed Spitting, Dunk a Yank, Gin Blossoms, Superfan Competition and so much more!
Tickets are $20 bucks for adults and $10 for kids. Proceeds are to benefit Project Joy
and Red Sox Foundation. The goal is to reach 1 million dollars.
Spend a day at Fenway and benefit kids in need throughout Boston. I can't get in when the Red Sox are there, so I might as well take advantage of this! Rumor has it there will be some legends available for autographs and photos.

Saturday July 7th
Fenway Park

>>Life is Good

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dancin' in the street!

And we're dancin' and it feels all right! City of Cambridge is hosting its annual Dance Party. I think of Sarah Jessica Parker circa 1985 Dancin' in the street playing in the background. C'mon who's with me! Girls just want to have fun! Also starring Helen Hunt. Good movie, but then again I was 5, what did i know :)

Put on your dancing shoes and join us as we move to the groove at the City of Cambridge's Annual Dance Party Friday, July 6, from 7-11 p.m., on Massachusetts Avenue, between Inman and Bigelow Streets (in front of City Hall – at the heart of Central Square)!!
It doesn't matter what you wear! Just as long as you are there, so c'mon every guy grab a girl everywhere around the world! They'll be dancin, they're dancin in the streets!
Music by DJ Joey Demers. After dark a spectacular lights show will assist the magic of the night.

Friday July 6th.
All ages welcome to this free event!
Rain Date: July 13.
**Mass Ave. will be closed, therefore the #1 bus will end at Central Square.

City of Cambridge

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where to pee

We've all been there, whether its a late night walking home from the bar or early afternoon when it hits you. You feel a little sweat on your brow, you squeeze your legs together, your eyes dart around at the surrounding buildings, panic sets in. Shit you have to pee and you have to pee NOW. You could try to sneak into that restaurant over there, but its a gamble. Why can't Cambridge invest in public restrooms? What is that you say, these bathrooms exist already?

These stealth toilets exist in the MBTA stations at the Central, Harvard, Porter, and Alewife stops. Some are available to the public, but are unmarked and may require help, and a key, from a customer service agent.

Starting in September, the T will pilot a program to make them more public by posting signs in the customer service agent booths and allowing the City of Cambridge to direct pedestrians aboveground to the facilities below.
Not as cool as the self cleaning bathrooms Boston is getting, but when you got to go, any bathroom will do.

>> Restrooms an underground phenomenon