Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where to pee

We've all been there, whether its a late night walking home from the bar or early afternoon when it hits you. You feel a little sweat on your brow, you squeeze your legs together, your eyes dart around at the surrounding buildings, panic sets in. Shit you have to pee and you have to pee NOW. You could try to sneak into that restaurant over there, but its a gamble. Why can't Cambridge invest in public restrooms? What is that you say, these bathrooms exist already?

These stealth toilets exist in the MBTA stations at the Central, Harvard, Porter, and Alewife stops. Some are available to the public, but are unmarked and may require help, and a key, from a customer service agent.

Starting in September, the T will pilot a program to make them more public by posting signs in the customer service agent booths and allowing the City of Cambridge to direct pedestrians aboveground to the facilities below.
Not as cool as the self cleaning bathrooms Boston is getting, but when you got to go, any bathroom will do.

>> Restrooms an underground phenomenon

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