Friday, July 06, 2007

M Salon

I recently decided I would like to get all my hair cut off, not shaved or anything that crazy, but something different. I have never had short hair above my shoulders and I wanted something new. I have heard rave reviews about M Salon. I am not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by their unique decorating. Were they going to be snobs, and look down on me?

When we first opened M in 2001, we wanted a vibrant, inspiring space that would reflect the artistry of the stylists who worked within the salon, and our colorful, art-filled space reflects just that: the lively imagination of our stylists and the inventive and friendly spirit of the salon as a whole.

I was looking for a salon, but hadn't found one I liked, so the last time I got my bangs trimmed, I went to Great Cuts, they cut them almost off. I was horrified for months! I needed a professional to try to even them out, and hopefully make them look like what i call trendy bangs again.

Enough with my depressing story: So I made an appointment, and went in. Maggie the owner greeted me when I entered and complimented my outfit. Dana, my stylist asked me what i wanted and i listed a few opinions: I want it short, but i hate short bangs. He looked at me, pulled my hair a little and said i have an idea! He then talked to me about it and i was in love. I have so much hair in the back that i could make a blanket for my family. Dana cut off all my hair picked up what used to be my layered back and said "feel this, it's heavy!" I did and then shuddered a little as I held my own hair in my hand.
Dana was very friendly, we chatted. Which at times I don't really like. Sometimes it is nice to just sit there and have someone play with your hair, but this was pleasant. Not forced. Comfortable silences as well. Like we were old friends. Not really, but it was still nice. Rumor has it they have dogs usually, and I was very excited to pet them, but there were no dogs.

The one downfall. Unless you have previously been, this will probably be news. They can't add tip to your credit card. I had no cash on me. I was thrown back at that. They tell you as they ring you up. You have to go get money and go back in that circumstance. Unusual.

Anywho-I love my hair. It is cute, and usually when i get my hair done, it is practically impossible to get it to look like the day it was cut. It will look good that first day, and then never again. Not with this cut. I can recreate it everyday if I like! It is low maintenance and adorable! I highly recommend M Salon!


>>M Salon
1748 Mass Ave. (Between Porter and Harvard)
Cambridge Ma

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