Friday, October 26, 2007

ELLSBURY is awesome!

For those of you that are hidden under rocks, the Red Sox made the World Series. They played an amazing game Wednesday night and a pretty good game last night. No matter how you think about it-they won both! 2 to go. Why is Ellsbury on my mind you ask? Minus the fact that Rachel hearts Jacoby-he successfully stole 2nd base last night. That means (drum role) Free taco for all of America! Not any taco any day.
1 taco on Tuesday 10/30 between 2p-5p.
Myself, not a big fan of Taco Bell, but i will probably go get a taco-cuz i can! Now here is the question, someone steals a base tomorrow, does that add equaling two taco's? Or do they do free taco's again on Wednesday? or is it just null and void and only get one taco on Tuesday no matter how may bases are stolen? Answers?

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