Sunday, October 28, 2007

Preventing Theft

Somerville Police, 311, and Somerville's website are teaming to prevent theft in the cit. How? A cool yellow sticker you get to place on your expensive electronics, AKA: WRAP.
Web based

The purpose of WRAP is to create a database of portable electronic devices: makes, models, serial numbers, and their owners’ details. The information collected helps identify stolen property and potentially to identify the perpetrators when stolen property is recovered by Police and pawnshops.
Signing up for WRAP requires a few steps. Registering your portable devices. Recommended: GPS, IPods, Notebooks, and Satellite Radio's. 2nd-protecting your stuff. Somerville Police have listed a few tips. Hopefully some residents are already aware of most of these helpful tips.
*Don’t store your portable electronics in the car
*If you must, secure them safely and out of sight.
*Keep windshield clear of suction cup rings that indicate the presence of electronic devices.
*Keep power cords out of sight.

Once you have registered your property, and something is stolen, file a police report immediately. You must then report your stolen property on
Police as well as citizens use this database to help recover stolen property.

>>WRAP Article on Somerville's website

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