Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is right around the corner. Some festivities have already happened. I am not sure what I am doing for Halloween yet, not really a fan of this holiday. It requires being creative, or willing to spend $60 on a pre-made costume. I am into neither of those things. So, it is a struggle every year. But for those of you that heart the scary freaky day, here are a few ideas for Cambridge/Somerville.

Halloween Stroll
10/28 2:00p
If they are anything like my nieces they will be w
earing their costumes the second they wake up. This gives them a chance to show it off. For all ages, so your 25 year old sister that also sleeps in her costume is welcome as well!
A costume Parade leaves Davis Square's Statue Park and follows the minuteman trail to Lexington Avenue Park. There will be food and games at the end.

Monster Mash
10/29 8:00p

This event is a little more adult. A benefit for the Somerville Arts Council. A Tribute to Bobby Pickett. There will be music, inimitable indie hip-hop trio Z.W.A. (Zombies with Attitude) as well as tunes spun by DJ BC. A costume contest will be judged by Halloween author Lesley Bannatyne, Vintage/Union Boot-rix Elizabeth Lafavour, and SCUL-rider/artist Skunk. Horror movies will be projected throughout the night, food donated by Kickass cupcakes, and of course candy!
P.A's Lounge
345 Somerville Ave.
SAC Monster Mash
Remember SCUL?

Tomes of Terror II-Live Halloween Radio Plays
10/29-10/31 7:30p

Local actors making live sound effects with everyday objects. This even is hosted by a creepy character called "the Librarian." This year's Halloween 'Staged-Radio Thrillogy' will feature:
"Carmilla" -- the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula
"Halloween Party" -- From the classic comedy series Our Miss Brooks
"The Stone Ship" - based on William Hope Hodgson's eerie 1914 sea-bound thriller
First Congregational Church
89 College Ave.

Davis Square.

Halloween Costume Ball

10/26 9:00p
Dykenight productions is hosting it's 9th annual Costume Ball at Toast. Includes dancing, costume contest (4 categories) free Tarot readings, and Jack-O-Lantern contest.
74 Union Square

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