Monday, October 22, 2007

I knew they could do it!

It is a very slow week of events here in Camberville. I mean with good reason, who wants to plan an event knowing everyone will be elsewhere watching the game. So, to keep ya'll entertained I have decided to give you a brief list of places I would enjoy watching the game.

Your House:
Probably your safest bet. We love our red sox, and people show it in weird ways sometimes. Plus, it is also probably the cheapest. Pick up some snacks, get some Sam Adams. Obviously. Then invite a few friends. Hopefully you have a nice TV.

R. F. O'Sullivans
282 Beacon St.
Some of you may remember the review I wrote forever and a day ago. If not, here it is.

2046 Mass Ave.
Usually pretty crowded. May have to get there a little early to get a seat, but loving the atmosphere! Also, they have stellar chicken fingers, blue cheese, and french fries. I'm sure the rest of their food is good, but i don't know if you noticed, but i like to stick to the fried stuff.

820 Somerville Ave.
This is probably the second safest place to go. I feel like you will have a good mix of non baseball fans here as well. They have a lot of TV's now, but some of the are hidden in the bar. It is odd. I do want to recommend the Frozen Mango Mojito. Oh my goodness, so tasty!

Joe Sent Me
2388 Mass Ave.
A little further away from the T, but definitely worth it. Delicious burgers, although not comparable to R.F.O'Sullivan's. But they have a black and Blue burger that is delicious. Good amount of TV's in the bar area, and you can see them from MOST of the tables.


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Rachel said...

How could you write this and not mention good times! Many projection tvs, lots of seating, and games to play if the game gets slow.