Monday, October 15, 2007

Stephen King is in town

What better author to arrive in Cambridge in October than Stephen King.
1. It's obvious, he writes very scary stories/novels, and October is a scary month.
2. The Sox are kickin' ass and Stephen King will probably be here anyway. I have seen Stephen King on TV this month more than (enter name of popular actor/actress in TV series.)
Oh wait-they are in Cleveland now. Scratch that.

STEPHEN KING, world-renowned author and guest editor of The Best American Short Stories 2007, will be joined by Series Editor Heidi Pitlor along with contributors Jim Shepard, Karen Russell, and Richard Russo to discuss King's picks of the best American short fiction for 2007. Scary good! Following the talk, Mr. King will sign copies of Best American Short Stories 2007. In order to ensure that as many people as possible get a book signed, Mr. King will only sign copies of Best American Short Stories 2007, limited to one per person.
Stephen King and Special Guests.
Tuesday October 16
Memorial Church
Harvard yard.

I believe this event is sold out. But if you have ever heard of a website named Craigslist...nothing is ever sold out.

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