Monday, October 15, 2007

Somerville streets

Watch out Somerville drivers. City is cracking down on some rules they were a little lenient on before. Specifically parking to close to the corner. Below you will find an intriguing article, which also includes a full list of intersections they are proposing to deal with. As a Somerville resident, yes I am concerned, but also. Why this now? What about Forest St. On the line of Cambridge/Somerville?? That street is a two way, but blatantly only room for one. And due to the sharp corner, you never know what you are driving towards. I don't know how many times I have had to back out onto Beacon due to oncoming traffic. OR ever heard of alittle st. called Oxford? Due to there being two in Somerville, the city likes to forget about this one. Also right on the line of Cambridge, never has street sweeping and is littered with broken mirrors. If you don't have a mirror that folds in, you are taking a big risk. One time, the whole front of my car was smashed in, mirror and tire!
I see safety concerns for possible future struggles, but what about the present struggles. I feel like since I live on the border of Cambridge, I am in my own little city. Both Cambridge and Somerville refuse to even acknowledge me. Makes me a little sad.

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