Monday, October 01, 2007


At Saccos Bowl Haven in Davis Square. This is to assist in raising money for the Center for Cancer Support and Education.

Money donated will help support their Wellness Program, which is a one-on-one series of sessions for cancer patients, their family, and caregivers, to try a variety of wellness exercises such as guided meditation, art and music therapy, reiki, journaling, life coaching and dialogue, and creating their own "pathway to wellness" depending on what the individual needs. The Center also offers free support groups.
Teams are 5 people. Or you can call the center to be paired up with a team. The center encourages everyone to raise appx. $100-$200. Each team will be paired with a corporate sponsor that will match all donations. You can find your own, or call the Center for one.
Teams are encouraged to dress up! This is a costume bowl-a-thon! You should be creative and be thinking about your sponsor.
Free food! Redbones, JP Licks, as well as Dial a Pizza have all donated dinner. Registration fee and shoe rentals are covered by the Center. There will also be prizes and DJ's. Yes DJ's plural.

Bowl-a-thon. (I repeat COSTUME BOWL-A-THON!)
Tuesday, October 2. (TOMORROW)

>>Center for Cancer

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