Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beaded Fair

Interested in beads? I am not talking beads you used in the fifth grade to make friendship bracelets, or braid your BFF's hair. Artists from all over the country are gathering on Saturday to show off their beads, beaded jewelry, and supplies. Also The Women’s Craft Cooperative of Rosie’s Place will be present and showing/selling their work.
Admission is $6 Children under 12 are free. A portion of the admission proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Craft Cooperative of Rosie’s Place. Funds raised by the show are used to support the ongoing activities of the bead society, including school sponsorship for three Maasai girls as part of the Beads for Education program.

29th Annual Bead Affair
Armenian Cultural Center
47 Nichols Ave
Watertown, MA (Watertown Square)
Saturday 10/13
Admission: $6. Children 12 and under: free
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