Friday, December 29, 2006

Best Seat in the CIty

I like to sit. I'm not lazy or anything, I just enjoy a little rest here and there. Now what would be better than sitting on a piece of art? Well, probably my couch, so I will rephase, what would be cooler than sitting on art? The arts council of Somerville has commissioned a series of artist designed public benches in Union Square.

Designed by public artist Ross Miller for Union Square, these whimsical benches are playful transformations of standard anonymous city benches. They have personality, and offer a commentary on sociability. One bench encourages intimate conversation through a loveseat configuration, while another offers the solitary pedestrian a seat next to the tree growing through its slats. The third bench is the result of two benches crashing together to form one.
Take a seat in Union Square and check it out.

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