Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chocolate Tasting

Around this time of year I have been invited to every kind of party imaginable. Tupperware, jewelry, purses, pampered chef, and even a pedicure party. Not to dump on these, cuz some of them are pretty fabulous, but I can't imagine any one of them competing with this. A CHOCOLATE party!
Founder of Experience Chocolate will come to your home with everything neccessary to host a fun and informative chocolate tasting. Including Tasting Techniques Guide and Tasting Evaluation Worksheets.

An Experience: CHOCOLATE™ Chocolate Tasting acquaints discerning chocolate lovers with premium chocolate brands and the factors that influence their taste. Some chocolates have an immediate intense flavor that disappears quickly. Others can be initially bland, with the flavor taking its time to explode and linger in your mouth. Everyday flavor connections such as fruity, nutty, buttery or spicy can be detected as you learn about cocoa content and bean origin for each tasting selection.Our goal is to educate discriminating chocolate lovers about exceptional chocolate choices and provide a forum for their convenient purchase.

If you would like to witness what this even entails Spark Crafts in Davis Square is holding a Chocolate Tasting on Monday 12/11.

To register for this event call Call 617-718-9132.

Or visit Sparks website for more info on their studio.

>>Spark Craft Studio

To schedule your own tasting you can call or email-


>>Experience Chocolate

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