Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Golden Tooth

Picture it-

You are holiday shopping at the mall and you decide to stop for dinner with your friends. Mmmm something crunchy. But you are eating a hamburger?!?! Your tooth broke! Gross right?

That's how I felt when it happened to me. It was holiday party weekend, driving between New Hampshire and Rhode Island, so I was unable to get to the dentist immediately.
I scheduled an appt. for this morning (Tues.) three hours later I leave Gentle Dental (in Porter Square) feeling, well not really because I was numb, satisfied with my visit. This RARELY happens with me and dentists.

I have a long history of skipping from dentist to dentist; sporadic appointments only when I feel pain. (Possibly the cause of my tooth falling out) Other dentists have tried to sway me into coming back, but I was just not feelin' it.

I will go back to this Gentle Dental. One-I have to. They are still working on fixing my tooth, but also I felt extremely comfortable. This procedure could have been extremely painful. For what may have been the first dentist visit ever, I was pain free!

I highly recommend Gentle Dental.

21 White St.
Cambridege Ma, 02140
Porter Sqaure Shopping Plaza
(617) 354-3300

>>Gentle Dental

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