Friday, December 22, 2006


It is really hard to think about yourself around this time of year. Ironically, I feel, it is the time when we need to the most. Media says the "Holiday's" are the happiest time of year. Think about all the stress people have about all sorts of things! Not even just money,
this is the biggest diamond selling season-there is always that girl that gets her heart broken instead.
What about family and tragedy? This is also one of the highest selling season for alcohol. I don't think I need to get into details of that one.

So I think you need to stop and think for a second. Are you driving yourself insane wishing it would just be February already. You don't need to. The holiday's are supposed to be a happy time, but you don't need to kill yourself making it happen.

To help with this you should visit MINE. Massage Institute of New England. They offer student clinics at a discount price.

Classic Swedish Massage $35
Advanced Therapeutic $40
Deep Tissue Massage $45
$5 Discount for Doctors, Nurses, Students, Policemen, Firemen, Teachers & Seniors (ID's required)

Clinic hours:
Monday thru Thursday 10:30-8:30
Friday 10:30-4:00 and Saturday 10:30 - 4:30

22 McGrath O'Brien Hwy. Suite 11
Somerville MA, 02143
Call to set up an appt. 617-666-3700


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