Friday, December 15, 2006


I have always been a fan of the MBTA website, it wasn't the best design but it was just so damn functional. Especially the trip planner which is awesome at letting you know which train you have to take to get bus connections and stuff like that. (I have an issue standing around waiting, i preffer to overplan each commute and errands as to optimize my oh so value time.)

Today the MBTA has launched a new and improved site to go along with their new and improved Charlie system. Its like a whole new transit system, no wonder fares are going up. The site has a fresh design, interactive street maps, personalize options (save maps, trips, and schedules). For a site that was already so much ahead of other tranisit systems this is impressive.

Although, as i was checking the site out this morning it was really really slow, i know they got a lot of press and the traffic must be heavy, but come on, you increased your server power 4x and it still takes me 5 minutes to load a page!


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