Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shop Inman by Moonlight

Tonight Inman sqaure is open till midnight for some moonlight shopping and fun. Is this the new thing, has this always been a thing? The first time i heard about this idea i thought it was neat (Davis Square Midnight Madness), but really who needs to be shopping that late at night. Do you think you can just trick us with your free food and open bar doors to believe that a booze and shopping is a good idea? They aren't pushing the booze thing that was my addition, they actually offer hot cider, which is cute. The overall idea is cute, just not as original as I would have thought, so I guess I will stop ranting.

The highlights: wine and cheese at Bird by Bird, live ImprovBoston performace and Santa at Boutique Fabulous , free pizza and cookies at City Girl Cafe, hot cider at East Coast Grill, 15% off and free gift wrapping at Lorem Ipsum Books, free soaks in the hot tub (I dont know if that is a highlight or gross!) at Urban Oasis.

You had me at wine and cheese.

Thursday, December 14
7pm - Midnight
Inman Square

>> Shop Inman Square by Moonlight

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Laura said...

will this be canceled because of the snow?