Wednesday, February 07, 2007

E-Flux Video Rental

If you are looking for a montage of tripy videos to spice up the otherwise lame film season, check out the E-flux Video Rental at Harvard’s Sert Gallery from February 8–April 13, 2007.

E-flux Video Rental (EVR) is an installation comprising a free library of over 600 works of video art selected by some of the international art world’s leading curators and critics.

The installation includes more than 600 videotapes on specially-constructed shelves, two VCR/monitor stations, and a membership desk and collection management system. A changing selection of works showcasing the depth and breadth of the collection will be showing on at least one of the monitors during all times the exhibition is open to the public.
One of the peices includes superimposed text over close ups of couples having sex. I just thought you would like to know.

February 8–April 13, 2007
Discussion and Reception - Thursday, February 8, 6 pm

Sert Gallery
24 Quincy St, Cambridge

>> E-flux Video Rental
>> E-flux Phoenix Listing

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