Monday, June 25, 2007

Dunkins-new Starbucks?

I was in Dunkin Donuts this morning on Mass Ave. I know you are thinking which one. (2480 Mass Ave. -Right before the Arlington Line.) Anywho. I was in there ordering my sub par coffee. Ever since they discontinued chocolate I can't be happy. They changed it for peach by the way. Who likes peach?!?!?
Sorry, I went off for a second. I am very bitter. Back to the good stuff I found. While adding 18 more sugars to my coffee I noticed a sign. Dunkin offers Chess, Checkers and other games for you to enjoy while you relax and enjoy your morning afternoon, or evening coffee. Just leave an ID and they will hand over the board and pieces. I was intrigued. I am not a starbucks fan, but I do feel they offer more comfort. Maybe Dunkins is steppin up!

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