Sunday, June 17, 2007


Rachel had one task this week. Post about the FLEA at MIT. Totally her thing, she was excited to read about it, but she failed. We now know her priorities. Unfortunately this is not my cup of tea, so I don't know that I can be so witty in this area, but I wanted everyone to know about this. I mean c'mon! A shopping trip all geeks and nerds would love!

The MIT Radio Society, in conjunction with the MIT UHF Repeater Association, the MIT Electronics Research Society, and the Harvard Wireless Club, sponsors a Swapfest on the third Sunday of each month, April through October. This is a place to buy, sell, and swap amateur radio, electronic, and computer equipment. Hams and non-hams alike are welcome. For more information, see the online copy of our swapfest flyer (pdf, or text only). Print out a copy of the flyer and bring it with you for a discount on the buyer's admission.
Interested in selling? Registration Form

This month: TODAY!
Luckily for everyone, this event is held the third Sunday of every month.
Rain or Shine-covered space for all sellers.
Albany Street Garage and adjacent lot.
(Between Mass Ave. and Main St. Cambridge)

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