Thursday, August 09, 2007

Somerville drivers

This is a rarity. I am about to rant about Somerville for a second. I know this blog is about activities, but this concerns the well being of all Somerville citizens. Cambridge too, since I live literally right on the line. OK, so, I know you have all seen this. Anyone who has ever been on a road with a traffic light has seen this, or even looked out your window at a traffic light. The super left on red move. Now, I am not talking left on red onto a one way so it is kinda like a right on red. No-cross through a busy intersection, probably because you are stupid, left on red. Somerville drivers-why is this OK!?!? I have seen this too many times to count in the last four years, and it only seems to happen in Somerville. Particularly at the Somerville/Beacon intersection lights. Anyone else notice this? As I said, if you are denying it, you are probably one that has done it. I think I am done ranting, but i beg of you, for the children! Know the left on red is not Ok, it will NEVER be ok. And people behind you laugh, some may wish bad things on you, others will curse up a storm. But they all think the same thing. "IDIOT!"

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