Friday, September 21, 2007

A Sox Fans Guide to Balitmore

I went to more Sox games at Camden Yards than at Fenway this season, kinda sad I know. With the cheap available tickets and easy trip more and more sox fans are flocking south to catch games. So, if you happen to be one of these fans here are a few tips.
* Buy tickets ahead of time, yes some will be available but why chance it.
* You can bring water in from the outside, so take advantage of all those vendors.
* Its easy to take the light rail from the airport to Camden yards, but the ticket machines take exact change, so have dollar bills and some change (1.60 / trip). They also don't check your ticket, but they have all these signs saying you need one, and everyone seems to buy them, so I went with it.
* Every restaurant in the inner harbor will have a long wait, don't walk around for a half hour thinking you are going to find the one place that doesn't.
* People are really nice, and most are also drunk.
* There are two Dunkins in the area, one up Howard st near university center and the other is on Light st.

You got any tips?

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