Sunday, November 04, 2007

Brunch in Somerville?

Of course, I have heard great things about Sound bites, so I was headed over there. I found parking a few blocks away, and it was pouring outside. Stupid nor'easter in November. I had heard there would be a crazy line outside , but I thought, seriously? today? No way. I was wrong. The line wasn't long, but it was definitely outside, and did i mention it was pouring? As my friends and I stood outside for a few minutes we realized we were standing next to Ball Square Cafe and breakfast. It looked nice, but i think what drew us in was no line, and it was dry.
Entering Ball Square Cafe and breakfast was a great choice! Upon entering, the owner greeted us and pointed us to a table. They had granite/marble tables with a dark look. It had exposed brick, which i think is classy. In addition, they had black paper napkins. Now I understand they were still paper napkins, but the black added a little more to the class scale.
For food, it was delicious! It was not your regular diner menu. Think of it as omelette's for dinner. An omelet with peppers, spinach, and feta. Or how about some borsin? I myself chose the banana stuffed french toast. The portions are huge! I definitely over ate. Another bonus was get your own beverage. They had a coffee station with tea as well as a cooler with soda, juice and other cold drinks. The waitress will make espresso and hot chocolate, and it seems like home made whipped cream.
If you grew up in Somerville, you will know the owner. He apparently knows everyone! We mentioned we were from Somerville and he actually said "no you're not." He welcomed everyone that came in, and most of them by name. Very personable and friendly.
HIGHLY recommend this place. Have yet to be to sound bites, and i will make it there someday, but i just find it hard to stand in line for some place that they will yell at you, when there is a pleasant atmosphere just next door. Literally.

Ball Square Cafe and Breakfast
708 Broadway

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Diane, If you want to learn about the feud, just look at the website. The
'About Us' page will get you some history and the 'Press' page will get you to a lot of reviews and opinions.