Thursday, December 27, 2007

What is a plow?

What is a plow? I feel as if the city of Somerville is asking themselves that question every day. Here is an interesting letter to the editor "Next year I will ask for a snowplow on my wheelchair"
I feel as if the City of Somerville was completely unresponsive to residents pleas. This last snowstorm left a complete mess on the roads.
I live on the line of Somerville/Cambridge near Harvard. It is night and day outside my door, one side of the street is nicely shoveled and cars are able to park on the street. The Somerville side? Piles of snow and ice in the roads as well as on the sidewalks. SUV's were trying to throw themselves into the ice, but as you look down the street, there was not a car in sight. There couldn't be, the piles of snow in the street were to high to even think to park a car on it. It was gosh darn RIDICULOUS!! Thank goodness for this rain/temps. Otherwise it would still be a huge mess. I keep seeing landlords/residents need to shovel off sidewalks in front of properties, then why doesn't the city have to take care of the roads?
Dilemma: Too much snow on the even side of the street, due to a snow emergency not being declared by the city.
Easy Solution: Declare a snow emergency directly after the storm. A ticket 2 weeks later doesn't help the parking in an already over populated area.
A strongly worded letter is necessary. HA. I laugh because they were sent, and nothing was done.

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