Thursday, January 17, 2008

Child Labor laws violated

Attorney General issued a press release citing child labor violations. Somerville and Cambridge stores included.
Read Press Release
Note at the bottom someone comments on how having these kids work past 10 is completely acceptable because they are keeping kids off streets. Most of the citations were in places such as Burlington, Hyannis, Newton and Taunton. Also for stores such as Hollister, Things Remembered, KB toys, and The Children's Place. (hehe).
Lets be realistic. Working is awesome for teenagers. Allows social experience they may not be getting elsewhere, allows them to create their own work ethic, as well as earn money they can selfishly spend. I think teenagers should be working. It is super, but i don't think saying working past 10 is going to stop them from getting into trouble. Laws are there for a reason, and if you think working in the mall is what cures your kid of peer pressure, and a whole list of other things that leads to drugs/violence etc. You are wrong. It may help a little, but having a child work till 5am is definitely not the answer.

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