Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Porter BostonNow Hawker - hot or not?

Apparently the BostonNow Hawker at Porter is getting rave reviews. Now I rush by this man everyday and I'll admit he does a nice job at what he does, but my opinion is it's a little annoying.

Jomilkman says

he operates with the rapid-fire style of salesmanship of an olde tyme newsboy, belting out, but not quite hollering, his pitches in the general direction of every commuter as each enters the station. he projects with gusto. it's as though he's offering up free cups of crucial coffee, not these cheapo rags that'll be used later to soak up spills on the seats of the trains.... he's kind of awesome
Random commenter
The only difference between BostonNow/Metro Hawkers and the guys who sell Spare Change is that one of them smells less like piss during the day. They are all just as annoying.
What do you think? Is this guy hot or not?

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