Sunday, February 04, 2007


Now I know the Superbowl will not be as exciting as it would be if the Pats were there, but it is still the Superbowl! Here is something different. Your place is lame, and your favorite sports bar is just too crowded. You should check out Upstairs on the Square.
They took a different approach and focused on the food part. They may not have a big screen, but they have a good size TV. As well as-arrive in a helmet and receive a free plate of "Hot Dates" (Medjool Dates stuffed with salted Marcona Almonds,wrapped in bacon and spiced with cinnamon butter)
Other foods include: Fire Engine Chili, the hottest Grilled Cheese Dogs, Steak Frites and handmade Nachos.

We like to think of our Super Bowl Party as mellow, with the separate Zebra Room to retreat to if football talk gets too intense, and where football party food is taken to a new level.
Upstairs on the Square
91 Winthrop Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-864-1933

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