Friday, March 09, 2007

Free coffee!

I have never been a fan of coffee, then I found something that made it all OK. Flavor shots. Well between that 6 sugars and lots of cream coffee tastes OK! But besides me, I know a lot of people truly enjoy a good cup of Joe in the AM. As well as after lunch and before you go out at night. If you are on of those people listen up!
Three days of free coffee according to

We missed the first one. It was yesterday. March 8. McDonalds was handing out free coffee just for asking for it. I guess they beat out Starbucks in a taste test.

Second date: March 15. Starbucks 10A-12P Second annual "Coffee break" time.

Third: march 21. Dunkin Donuts (my true love) They are celebrating spring by giving out a free 16oz cup of iced coffee.

>> Free Caffeine fix for all!

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