Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Metro vs. BostonNow

There is a new free newspaper in town, BostonNow. I could compare the editorial content and features of both, in which I would applaud BostonNow for their innovative ideas (webcasting daily meetings, blogs in newspapers...) and state that currently I feel Metro includes more news, but I will not. Instead I would like to address the impact this news has had on my morning commute.

Every weekday I sleep walk to the Porter T stop, mindlessly grab a metro, and head down the escalator. Uneventful, until this week. Now I sleep walk to the T, grab my metro at the top of first escalator, get bombarded by another metro guy at the bottom, followed by a BostonNow guy. In my trance I end up with three newspapers. Then to top it off, 35 minutes later when i arrived in Quincy center I had to relive the situation, 2 metros and 1 BostonNow.

Apparently Metro is scared about the new competition, but instead of forcing newspapers down commuters throats, why not strive to provide better content and let the public choose which paper to read, or read both. A little media diversity never killed anyone.

>> Opening the Floodgates
>> BostonNow

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sarah* said...

this is definitely an interesting media battle, as i almost got jumped by two different newspaper-hander-outers today. i have never felt so attended to in all of my life. the metro wasn't even being handed out at government center and now it's a fist fight.

it'll be interesting to see if bostonNOW can take an innovative idea and translate it into readership. although the concept is fresh, i really have to wonder if the dude on the train who doesn't even make eye contact with me really wants to read my blog. only time will tell. in the meantime, get some mace.