Friday, April 20, 2007

Science Fest

Maybe it is the nerd in me, but this sounds awesome: Science in the City – the first annual Cambridge Science Festival presented by the MIT Museum. The event starts this Saturday April, 21 and runs through the 29th. A large portion of the events are free so check out the website and get your science on.

Events I wanna hit up:

Augmented Reality
Take part in one of MIT's newest Augmented Reality simulations! In this game, a mysterious environmental problem has been discovered on the MIT campus. You and your teammates need to investigate, determine the cause of the problem, and try to stop it from becoming a large-scale disaster. You'll be assigned a GPS-equipped handheld computer to guide you around the MIT campus, where you'll pick up the clues you need to solve the mystery.

Science Carnival: The Festival Kicks Off--Literally!
Rube Goldberg, come home! Toast, balloons, a boot and a whole lot more will set the stage for nine days of science fun! Let the Festival begin with an amazing array of unique hands-on activities, music, entertainment, and refreshments. Get up close and personal with music-playing robots, alternative energy concept cars, live animals, dance contests, solar cookers

Human Genome Trail
Stroll from the Kendall Square to Harvard Square to see how we've transformed the street into the world's largest model of the human genome - and learn more about what makes you you.

Bio-Art Self-Portraits
What happens when art students examine their own skin cells in biology class? Up close and personal art, that's what! See how a photography class at Walnut Hill School for the Arts transforms images of their own cells into collages that merge biology and identity.

Machine Science Rocket Day!
Ready, Set, Launch! Machine Science, a Cambridge-based engineering outreach program, is offering a day of rocketry. Bring 2 two-liter plastic drink bottles and a tennis ball to Danehy Park on April 28th, and build your own water rocket.

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