Monday, May 21, 2007

Broke in Boston

Hong Kong is taking on Broke in Boston-A guide to Living Cheap in the city.

Whether you’re a Bostonian, planning a move to Boston, or just visiting, Broke in Boston is your invaluable guide to saving money.
In this pocket-sized gem, you will find information on orienting to Boston and the city’s rich history; cheap places to eat; inexpensive sources of entertainment; discount clothing and furniture stores; maps of Boston and public transit; weekend getaway ideas; a listing of annual festivals; tips for apartment hunting; food and drink recipes; and much, much more.
huh?! Interesting yes? I am very interested in checking out that book. Who answers no to "Would you like to spend a little less money?"

Fun times had by all, mostly because it is cheap (not quite free) Don't get me wrong, free apps, and free admission, but if you buy the Broke in Boston book for $10 you get a raffle ticket for $50 gift card to Grafton Street Pub and Grille.
Anyone eaten there? I have not yet heard good or bad things. I think I need to check it out sometime soon.
Plus, I don't even have to mention Scorpion bowls! mmmmmmm Scorpion Bowls.

Hong Kong
Harvard Square
Tuesday 5/21

>>Broke in Boston

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