Monday, May 21, 2007

Dance Month

I would like o start by apologizing. I am so sorry this wasn't posted sooner. I don't know how Rachel and I did not know about this. We know about EVERYTHING to do with Cambridge/Somerville. Well ok so we don't. But this seems like a big deal, so everyone should enjoy it for what is left of May! Apparently May is DanceMonth in Cambridge.

DanceMonth is a citywide celebration of the movement arts in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Neither a festival nor a showcase, it is a way to focus on the richness of dance that is already an intrinsic part of our lives. Still a collaboration between the Mayor's office and the Dance Complex, DanceMonth is now a Cambridge tradition and most eagerly-awaited herald that Spring is finally here, and here must be Cambridge.
DanceMonth is celebrating its 14th year! They are hosting things such as Dance Distractions Tuesdays@Noon, and Workshops.
Everything happening now!

>>DanceMonth is...

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