Friday, May 18, 2007

PNS Spring Fair

Lots of family talk lately-good bad. It goes both ways. But I love babies! They are so darn cute. For me? TBA.
PNS (Parents' Nursery School obviously) is hosting its annual spring fair.

Live music, games & crafts, bake sale, giant yard sale, and raffle & prizes! Lots of activities for kids!
Saturday May 19.
40a Reservoir St.

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Jonathan said...

I stumbled upon your site on the web. I know how difficult it can be to raise money for your child's school and wanted to wish you all good luck with the carnival, bake sale, raffle etc.

I wanted to share an interesting fundraising program a friend told me a bout a few weeks ago called iBakeSale. It basically allows you to fundraise for a variety of causes large or small simply by shopping at hundreds of retailers in their program. You can keep the cach-back on purchases or donate them. It's easy and free, which is something that busy moms/dads need instead of the time consuming bake sales and raffles. I'm sure you'd agree. Check it out if you get a chance. I think it would take one more thing off the list to delegate... :)