Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Free Coffee

I'm alive. I blame my lack of posting on my job, which has required me to spend insane amounts of hours locked in my office. Without coffee I might not be here, so in celebration I'm sponsoring free coffee day this thursday. I can't back that up. Here are the facts, the true ones this time.

Thursday, May 17th, J.P. Licks is hosting their first annual “Free Coffee Day.” Customers can visit any of seven J.P. Licks locations from open to close and receive a free cup of coffee, but that is just the beginning. In addition to a free cup of coffee on that day, guests will also be receiving a “Free Iced Coffee Card." This card will be valid through the entire summer and will allow a customer to stop into any J.P. Licks store when the weather rises above 81 degrees (1981 is the year the 26-year old shop was established) and get a free iced coffee. Why the free coffee at every location? J.P. Licks wants the Boston public to experience good coffee. They roast all of their beans on site at their Jamaica Plain headquarters to ensure customers receive the freshest cup of coffee possible. J.P. Licks is the only New England coffee company to do this.
Thursday, May 17th
J.P. Licks
Davis Square
4A College Ave.

>> FREE Coffee on Thursday!

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abigail said...

This is a great promo, thanks for the heads up. I went the 17th and got my free coffee, but just to clarify, each card is only good for one coffee...but no worries! You can get as many free coffees as you want!