Friday, May 25, 2007


Late last night, after a kickball game and some pitchers at Redline we stopped by Pinocchio's for a slice. I had never been. It was delicious! I got the Sicilian deep dish artichoke. I wish i could have another right now. Cheap, fast, and tasty. Perfect stop in between bars.

Since this question came up last night, what is Sicilian pizza?

Sicilian pizza, also known as Sfincione (or Sfinciuni in Sicilian language) is a variety of pizza with ingredients incorporated into the dough, instead of just placed on top. This variety of pizza originates from Palermo, Sicily. An authentic recipe does not use mozzarella cheese, often adding small chunks of pecorino cheese and bits of anchovies. In America, Sicilian pizza usually refers to an altogether different variety, consisting of a thick square dough and toppings on top instead of inside the dough. (Wikipedia)
74 Winthrop St (next to Berks)
Harvard Square

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