Friday, May 25, 2007

Karaoke popularized by the Japanese

I have never been to this place called Guido's, but I hear they have Karaoke on Saturday's! For those of us that are not going camping (i couldn't even count the number of RVs I passed on my way to work.) or the beach, what a better way to spend a night with family members you rarely see. Laughing at other people! That's one of the best reasons to go to Karaoke. Who sings at those things anyway. Well I do after a few Malibu and cokes :) Don't like to sing, $2 PBR and fun times can still be had.
Two other things I have heard people rave about: the urinal trough, and steak tips. hmmmm???

13 Belmont St.
Show starts at 8:30

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