Monday, August 20, 2007

America's Next Top Model

I don't usually watch this show, I admit I have seen it, but only at the gym, because i don't even have cable. But anytime there is a reality show and they say someone is from Mass, i get super excited. So here is your chance beautiful Boston ladies!
America's next top Model is coming to Boston tomorrow. They will be at Felt. There are some eligibility requirements of course. Some of them are:
*Must be at least 5'7" (check with some to height to spare!)
*Be beautiful (check)
*No previous modeling in a national campaign within the last 5 years (check)
*18-27 years old. (check hit the end of the range today!)
*Not currently holding a public office (check-phew, being VP of SGA in college would have killed my shots.)
*Willing to be photographed clothed, partially clothed, or naked. (NOT CHECK)
Shoot, having sweet calf muscles probably won't help my un-toned belly look nice. I am out.
But good luck to everyone else!

Tuesday 8/21

>>Application and schedule

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Debbie K said...

I love ANTM!!! They forgot to list that you need to be fierce and dramatic.