Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chartreuse Cocktails and LUPEC Boston (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) have joined forces for a party with the Green Goblin girls. They will discuss Chartreuse with a bartender disguised as a Carthusian monk to assist with the history, and the ladies will mix drinks for you along with appetizers with fresh ingredients.

Chartreuse, the brilliant green, 110-proof spirit made by Carthusian monks in France and flavored with 130 herbs and other botanicals, is perhaps the noblest of liqueurs. If you’ve had Chartreuse, you know that nothing else tastes quite like it. How do you even begin to describe its bright, herbal complexity? You don’t. You just mix it into a cocktail and admire the distinctive result. At the Green Street event, you’ll taste cocktails made with green Chartreuse, described above, and its sibling, yellow Chartreuse.
Green Street
Central Square
Sunday 8/19
Ticket Price $35 (Includes 4 Chartreuse beverages and appetizers)
Advance tickets available by calling Green Street 617-876-1655 or emailing LUPEC Boston.


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