Monday, September 17, 2007

Somerville Community Gardens

When I first heard about the opening of the Durrell Community Garden, I thought it would be simialr to the Boston Gardens. That doesn't make sense though. But what I found out was better anyway.
Somerville is home to six (2 more very soon) Communtiy Gardens. You can rent a plot of grass to create your very own garden. Living in a city with very little green, never mind actual yards with rooms for gardening, I thought this was huge.

Each garden is managed by one or more volunteer Garden Coordinators. Coordinators assign plots, help gardeners get seeds and compost, and provide information and advice to those who want it. Garden plots are available on a first-come-first-served basis. If no plot is available, your name may be added to a “wait list”. Gardeners are charged a nominal fee and asked to sign a letter of agreement recognizing the cities rights and the gardener’s responsibilities.
Durrell Park is special because this will be the first designed for gardeners with physical disabilities. There are raised beds for people who are in wheelchairs.

Durrell's opening will occur Tuesday 9/18 at 4:00pm.
Allen St. Garden will open the next day, Wednesday 9/19 at 4:00pm.
For more information, call Steve Winslow, senior planner, at 617-625-6600, ext. 2519

>>City Of Somerville Gardens

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Linda Young said...

Hi! We are having a Spring Garden Kickoff at our Community Garden in Cambridge and wanted to invite area gardeners to come check it out! We are located between Boardman and Columbia, off Broadway. Here is the schedule of events:

10 a.m. Garden blogger presentation
11 a.m. David Cannistrano former president of the NE Rose Society
Noon--Poetry Reading
1 p.m. Composting talk
2 p.m. Master Gardener
3 p.m. Story Hour by Central Square Librarian

Take care and hope to see you there! Linda Young, Garden Coordinator