Friday, November 16, 2007

Breakfast in Somerville

I recently posted about Ball Square Cafe and Breakfast. In it I mentioned I had plans to go to Sound Bites next door, but was drawn away due to the line outside in the rain. My review was pretty great, so I find it only fair to now add Sound Bites point of view.

I went to Sound Bites on a Sunday morning. 9:30am in hopes to beat a rush. Surprisingly went well. As we were being seated I looked out and the line had formed down the building. There was only two groups ahead of us. Point! for being seated as a group of 6 in a timely fashion.
Point! When you are in line, you can take turns with your fellow breakfast eaters, to run in and grab a coffee from the self serve station and go back outside with it. They also have some pretty delicious flavors. Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Raspberry, Pumpkin Spice, as well as all the usual suspects.
NEGATIVE! They make your hot chocolate for you, which is completely acceptable, EXCEPT, they make it taste like hot water. I was so disappointed. I had to in addition get a coffee.
The food was delicious, I don't know if I can make it a point though because it was the same chef who started both.
NEGATIVE! They are quick to get you out. I like to linger and chat and take my time. Luckily the owner did not snap at us, they were just quick to take plates, but they asked every time if we were done before grabbing them. I had expected so much worse. What I think was funny was an obvious regular commented to the owner when he came to get their plates "You are not yourself today"
Which would I go to? It is hard because i got VERY different things each time. Once i got stuffed french toast. Another: an omelet with sausage. So both places have great food, I think I would alternate. The atmosphere is definitely chicer at Ball Square Cafe. Thats my two cents, now everyone else can decide which they prefer.

Here is the fun part, there is rumor to be feud between the two. The chef left to go next door and now they hate each other. I need facts people-who has them! Comment, please let me know.

>>My Ball Square Cafe review.


Danielle said...

Hi-- You might be interested in the article I wrote for the Globe on Ball Sq. brunch places.

R said...

Definitely not a rumor on the feud. One forced the other out and SoundBites moved one place over. Even the "same cook" sign is part of the bad blod.

R said...

or "bad blood."